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Do women have to be attractive to walk outside?

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

If you have an Instagram or Tik Tok account, I am sure you have seen posts and videos of women of all ages saying/hashtagging “hot girl walk.” But what is the hot girl walk trend? Do you have to be attractive to take a walk in the park or around the neighborhood? Let’s investigate together!

Hot Girl Walk Origin

Let’s take a journey back to 2021, where Tik Toker Mia Lind coined the term “hot girl walk” and, thus, gained a massive following. Mia Lind’s hot girl walk ritual includes three major principles:

- Each walk must be four miles long

-You can only think of the following:

  • What you are grateful for

  • Your goals

  • How hot you are

· Listen to a playlist

Benefits of the Hot Girl Walk Trend:

As a dietitian, I love when clients get outside and move. There are a few benefits of moving and grooving outside:

· Increases Vitamin D absorption and dopamine levels (yay, happy brain hormones!).

· Improves your immune system

  • Walking outdoors can protect you during cold and flu season

- Lowers blood pressure

- Positively impacts cardiovascular health

- Stimulates creativity

Negatives of the Hot Girl Walk Trend:

The term “hot girl walk” is not as inclusive as I would like it to be. In my professional opinion, the title “hot girl walks” needs some revising. Without proper research, females of all ages may feel as if they do not fit into the “hot category.” There is no proper research supporting the idea that telling oneself that they are hot improves self-esteem.

Additionally, no scientific evidence supports Mia Lind’s daily rule of walking four miles. Every woman’s body is different; thus, four miles may not be necessary for each body type.

How a Registered Dietitian would recoin the Hot Girl Walk Trend:

· Get outside and move your body

  • You decide how far you want to walk

· Be present when you walk

· Listen to whatever makes you happy

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