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Mary L.

"I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and had no idea how to deal with uncontrollable acne and weight gain. My quality of life was declining and, then I found Maddie. Maddie made the impossible possible. Every week I see Maddie for private appointments and success occurs on a weekly basis. Each appointment is completely unique and honestly, fun. The cystic acne is fading and I'm reaching a weight that I am comfortable with.

I honestly feel that Maddie really cares about her clients. She allows me to celebrate the successes and the set-backs. I have never once felt ashamed for having a set-back since working with her. She always says, 'wellness is a journey, there is no destination.'

 I could not have done this without Maddie."

Kimberly C.

"I suffer from hormonal acne and it has completely altered my way of living. Having problematic skin not only affects your confidence but, as well as your bank account.

When I heard that Maddie specializes in acne, I was so excited. I have never heard of a dietitian that works with acne before. When I started working with Maddie, we did weekly 1:1 privates, grocery shopping tours, meal plans focusing on nutrients that nourish the skin and, she even put me on a 10-day elimination diet to identify which foods trigger my acne.

I can't even explain how much Maddie has helped me. I have gained so much knowledge about which foods to eat/avoid during a flare-up period and also foods that can possibly cause acne. And, what is so cool about working with Maddie is that she is honest about the fact that nutrition is not one-size fits all, so she is willing to try numerous techniques/tools to make you happy.

I can honestly say that my skin has improved since working with her. I am starting to feel like me again. Maddie has taught me progress will lead to perfection and I finally believe those words."

Liz L.

"This year I started my menopause journey and boy, has it been interesting. My friends that have gone through menopause told me to just "grin and bear it" so, I attempted to. However, once the hot flashes and unintended  weight gain occurred, I was not happy.

I heard from a yoga friend about Maddie specializing in menopause and I never scheduled an appointment so fast in my life. When I first met Maddie, I thought what does a young girl in her 20s know about menopause, and let me tell you, I ate those words.

Maddie is so knowledgable about how nutrition affects the female body. The tips she taught me during our counseling sessions were not just unique and personal to my body and thought process but, gave me the confidence to lose weight. And, what is even better is that Maddie's advice has helped my hot flashes! I can finally have a good night of sleep without being interrupted by a hot flash. I will be working with Maddie for the rest of my life"

Meghan H.

"I met Maddie two years ago at a pilates studio and heard she was a yoga instructor. At that time I was incredibly inflexible and did not want to go to a group class out of embarrassment. But, I ultimately knew I wanted to put my Lululemon leggings to good use so I approached Maddie just looking for advice. While we spoke I found out she not only taught privates but, would come to my home and supply all the props. She would even create a music playlist based off music I enjoy. I was so incredibly impressed.

Over the past two years, Maddie and I have been working together and the gains I have made are incredible. I not only can touch my toes but, I can do a split. I will be continuing with our privates and I even signed up for a group class."

Olivia L.

"Maddie has been my confidence coach for about a year-and-a-half and it has been awesome. She has an infectious personality that allows me to feel like I can tell her anything without being judged. Essentially, I feel safe with her. Maddie has given me the space to discover my passions and to make a career out of it. I absolutely love working with Maddie."

Michelle S.

"My husband and I have been using Maddie virtually and-in-person for semi- private yoga lessons. Each lesson is honestly challenging but fun. Her personality and her unique sequences push my husband and myself to become better yogis. We always tell her what we want to work on and she makes it happen! Maddie even taught a yoga class to a group of my girlfriends and it was such a fun experience. We won't be letting Maddie go as our instructor anytime soon."

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