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Let’s face it. It seems that everyone is under a great deal of stress these days. This takes a toll on our mental wellness. What are some of the best self-care practices that we can use to help improve our mental wellness and mental well-being? In this interview series, we are talking to medical doctors, mental health professionals, health and wellness professionals, and experts about self-care or mental health who can share insights from their experience about How Each Of Us Can Use Self Care To Improve Our Mental Wellness. As a part of this series, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Madeline Alfiero.

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Because there’s still so much to learn about the efficacy and safety of sea moss, it’s important to be aware of potential downsides and risks. One concern researchers have is the variability in nutritional value between various seaweed species, their seasonality and ecology of the harvesting location. This includes sea moss.
“Sea moss can contain heavy metals,” explains Maddie Alfiero, registered dietitian and owner of Osea Nutrition. She goes on to say that excess consumption of iodine, as well as heavy metals, may lead to health complications.

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Madeline Alfiero, LDN explains her take on the viral salad. "I personally love Baked By Melissa's viral green goddess salad because it not only incorporates simple ingredients, but it's nutritious and easy to make," she says.

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Another body-lengthening option is a seated forward fold, says Madeline Alfiero, a certified Yoga Alliance yoga instructor. “This is a great partner pose for beginner, intermediate, and advanced yogis,” she tells Bustle. “This pose focuses on lengthening and stretching the hamstrings, the mid/low back, as well as the lats.”

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Ritual Multivitamin Review

“Ritual’s Essential for Women Multivitamin can fit most, if not all, diets and lifestyles,” says Madeline Alfiero, a registered dietitian in West Palm Beach, Florida and founder of Osea Nutrition, a private practice focused on women’s health. “The ingredients included in each capsule include water-and fat-soluble vitamins that many Americans tend to be deficient in, as well as essential fatty acids and minerals such as iron.”

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