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Exposing Social Medias Newest Trend, Liquid Chlorophyll

The time has come to discuss the juicy details on why you should stay away from liquid chlorophyll.

Liquid chlorophyll has taken Instagram and TikTok by storm. Most influencers are not only promoting liquid chlorophyll but promising that it will cure all of our “problems.”

Tempting, right?

As a society, we have FOMO if we are not taking part in the latest trends. Liquid Chlorophyll has become a buzzword that we cannot escape.

Since chlorophyll has entered the nutrition arena, it is only fair if we investigate the truth behind this fad.

What is chlorophyll?

Do you remember talking about photosynthesis in middle school? I know I do. Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives plants their vibrant green color and helps plants transform sunlight into energy. This is also known as photosynthesis.

While chlorophyll comes from plants, chlorophyllin is a supplement consumers are actually taking.

In other words, you are actually not consuming chlorophyll.

Isn’t it suspicious that brands are omitting this incredibly important fact from their labels and advertisements?

What are the claims of consuming liquid chlorophyll?

Liquid chlorophyll is being called the “miracle product.” Brands and influencers are claiming that this green, slimy looking water is helping people lose weight, increase energy, reduce acne, prevent cancer and detox the body.

All of these promises sound intriguing but is there scientific evidence to back up these claims?

Will chlorophyll detox your body and give you energy?

Chlorophyll cannot detox the body. Yes, chlorophyll supplements contain vitamin E and C which are needed for the production of bile but chlorophyll cannot detox the body on it’s own.

Furthermore, evidence has shown that chlorophyll cannot boost energy.

The only possible reason liquid chlorophyll drinkers feel more energized is because they are drinking more water.

Does chlorophyll get rid of acne?

Chlorophyll cannot cure acne. According to dermatologists, chlorophyll applied topically could help with wound healing outside of the body.

But, acne is an internal and external struggle. Dermatologists have even warned that chlorophyll can cause skin irritation in some people.

Are the Brands Right? Can Chlorophyll Prevent Cancer?

As we know a diet full of processed foods may be linked to cancer but, there’s no evidence supporting that it may prevent cancer. Science has proven that consuming foods rich in antioxidants is important to protect your body from cancer.

However, scientists do not know if chlorophyll has a positive or negative effect on cancer cells.

Can chlorophyll help you lose weight?

Side effects of taking chlorophyll:

Consuming chlorophyll may cause gastrointestinal issues including diarrhea and discoloration of urine or stool.

Drug interactions and ill effects on chronic conditions can also occur if you drink liquid chlorophyll.

Final Thoughts:

Scientists and researchers proclaim that consuming a diet filled with spinach or broccoli will help you achieve optimal health.

So listen to science, not social media influencers.


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